Restoration of the functions of a natural tooth in dental implants

Artificial intelligence, machine learning for designing elastic properties of dental implants, in vitro and in-vivo validations

Materials: Porous titanium alloys

Applications: dental care


  • Equity and inclusion for edentulous patients
  • Materials for personalized medicine
  • Customizable volume production and shape
  • Validated biocompatibility
  • Functionally graded properties to reduce risk of failure
  • Reduce number of interventions

Potential collaborators: Jianping Fu, Jerard Gordon, Allen Liu, Edgar Meyhofer, Chinedum Okwudire, Bogdan Popa, Kathleen Sienko, Wenda Tan

Partners at the UM School of Dentistry: Sun-Yun Bak, Laurie McCauley, Gustavo Mendonca,, Yuji Mishina, Ben Swanson

Funding: NIH, NSF, Private Practitioners