Mechanisms of engineering plants for promoting growth in harsh conditions

Mobilize carbon sourced nanocellulose to the cell walls and promote plant growth

Materials: Bamboo, flax, hemp

Applications: sustainable solutions, agriculture


  • Accelerates sustainable growth plans
  • High throughput manufacturing
  • Smart traceability
  • Design-induced pseudo-plasticity
  • Biodegradable or recyclable
  • Engaging communities in rural areas

Potential collaborators: Ellen Arruda, Andre Boehman, Diann Brei, Daniel Cooper, Neil Dasgupta, James Holly Jr., Julia Kramer, Allen Liu Volker Sick, Sita Sayal, Ulrich Scheven, Steve Skerlos, Sita Syal, Margaret Woodridge

Funding: USDA, DOE, NSF, DOC, Ford, Toyota, Faurecia, BASF